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2012 Election Guide

List of Candidates for the 2012 NEA-NH Elections

NEA-NH President - 3 year term - one to be elected
Candidates were allowed a 100-word statement and are listed in
alphabetical order.


Sam Giarrusso
Amherst EA

Your vote is your opportunity to protect your future. Contracts, benefits, and pensions are under attack. As NEA-NH President I will stand up and lead the fight against those who attack public education and educators. With thirty-five years experience as local president, union leader, grievance chair and NH Retirement System Trustee, and as recipient of our state's highest teacher advocacy award, I bring unsurpassed knowledge and experience regarding contracts, benefits and pensions. I am committed and capable of protecting what we have worked so hard for and will aggressively defend educators and our interests. Your future depends on your vote.

Debra Hackett
Dover EA

The three major issues facing our organization are loss of membership, fiscal stability, and political repercussions. Now more than ever, NEA-NH needs a president with historical perspective, hands-on experience, and the courage to lead us through this perfect storm. For the past sixteen years I've acquired a comprehensive historical perception of our organization through direct participation in our Delegate Assemblies, Representative Assemblies, local (Dover) treasurer and president, NHRS trustee, Executive Board, and Leadership Team as your current Secretary/Treasurer. As a long-term member of the Government Relations Committee I’ve honed my political IQ. Please remember, I CAN HACKETT!

Scott McGilvray
Manchester EA

My family are all educators whose earnings, insurance, working conditions and retirement are dependent upon what our Association is able to negotiate and protect. I have served as President of the Manchester EA, chief negotiator and grievance chair and currently serve on the NEA-NH Executive Board. On the national level I have served as a delegate to the Representative Assembly and participated in the National Council of Urban Education Associations. The future of education and the careers of educators and support staff are at a critical point across the state and the country. We need to elect an experienced president.

NEA-NH Vice-president - 3 year term - one to be elected
Candidates were allowed a 100-word statement

Megan Tuttle
EA of Pembroke

I am Megan Tuttle and am asking for your support in the election for Vice-President. I have been actively involved with NEA-NH since very early in my teaching career. As the current Vice-President, past Secretary/Treasurer and Board member, I have served on and chaired many committees at the state level. I have also attended many trainings at the national level. My experiences at these conferences, trainings and on these committees have reinforced my belief in public education. I ask for your continued support to further the cause of public education in New Hampshire.

NEA Director - 2 year term - one to be elected
Candidates were allowed a 100-word statement.

Bonnie Doherty
Manchester EA

I am asking for your vote to finish out the last two years of a three-year term. I have been serving as Interim Director since September and I would like to continue to advocate for public education at the national level. As Directors we act for the Association between meetings of the Representative Assembly held in July of each year.

NEA Executive Board Members
Candidates were allowed a 50-word statement.  Candidates are listed by Region.

Amoskeag Region - 2 year term - one to be elected

Maxine Mosley
Manchester EA

For over thirty years I have volunteered in many capacities to advocate for you. Now I ask for your support to be your representative on the Executive Board. Your questions and input will continue to be heard as we move through difficult political and financial times.

Capital Region - 2 year term - one to be elected

Mike Macri
Concord EA

I am seeking another term as your representative on the NEA-NH Executive Board. With your support I would like to continue to work to keep our organization focused on the issues and outcomes that are most important to the members. The economic and political landscape is positioned against our profession.

Capital Region - 1 year term - one to be elected

Pam Potter
Merrimack Valley SS

Since being named interim Board member for the Capital Region, I've worked hard to represent my members. I'm asking for your vote so I may continue the important work that must be done as we face the economic and political challenges ahead.

Eastern Region - 2 year term - one to be elected.
No candidate filed from the Eastern Region.
Election to be determined by write-in.




Monadnock Region - 2 year term - one to be elected

John Couture
Keene State College EA

I plan to continue to communicate issues from our region to NEA-NH and vice versa. I also intend to build more consistent relationships between higher education and PreK-12 schools. Given the continued challenges facing public education, I will advocate for the best interests of New Hampshire's children.

North Country Region - 2 year term - one to be elected.
No candidate filed from the North Country Region. 
Election to be determined by write-in.




Seacoast Region - 2 year term - one to be elected.
No candidate filed from the Seacoast Region. 
Election to be determined by write-in.




Souhegan Region - 2 year term - one to be elected

Chuck Stohl
Hollis ESSA

I am asking for your support of my candidacy for the Executive Board representing the Souhegan Region. I have served the past six years as a Board member and would like to continue to serve educators as we face the important issues of membership, retirement, political action and education funding.




Southeast Region - 2 year term - two to be elected

Mary Hale
Freemont TA

I have been an active member of the Southeast Region as President of the Fremont Teachers Association for six years. I have been a State Delegate for the past four years to The National Assembly. These last two years, I have been serving on the NEA Membership Committee.




Meg Morse-Barry
Derry EA

As a member of the Executive Board, I have enjoyed working to bring the voice membership needs to the Board. During my tenure on the Board I have served on various committees and have enjoyed working for you. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you for your support.


ESP Executive Board - 2 year term - one to be elected

Sharry Sparks

My name is Sharry Sparks and it is my intention to run for re-election to the Executive Board. It is my pleasure and passion to represent Educational Support Professional Staff and all that you do for your districts and students across the state. In Solidarity and Thanks for your vote.

Retired Executive Board - 2 year term - one to be elected

Sandy Amlaw
NEA-NH Retired

My name is Sandy Amlaw. I would like to continue to represent retired educators on the NEA-New Hampshire Executive Board. I will actively defend retirees' interests both at meetings and at the State House.




Mike Lynch
NEA-NH Retired

I recently retired from teaching science in the Manchester school system and have worked diligently at the local level as a building representative and nationally as Resolutions Representative for NH at the Representative Assembly. I am currently working with NEA-NH on a membership recruitment project increasing membership at targeted schools.




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