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NH Foundation for Teaching & Learning

The New Hampshire Foundation for Teaching and Learning (NHFTL) was created in 1996 by NEA - New Hampshire to improve public education, teaching and student learning. Its programs are open to all public school teachers and students in NH.


NHFTL established The Children's Fund to help a child obtain items or services essential to success in school, including clothes, medical care, food, transportation or related services not provided by another agency. We help pre-school or public school students with short-term (not ongoing) needs. Education professionals are often the first to see situations where a student's basic needs are not being met. Any professional (not a parent) who works with such a child may apply to the Fund on behalf of the child to help them succeed in school.

Our assistance should benefit the child directly. The level of assistance is based on need and availability of funds. All requests are handled in confidence and without delay. We feel that a child's physical, social and emotional needs should not stand in the way of success in school.

Supported by donations from sponsors and members like you, The New Hampshire Foundation for Teaching and Learning is a tax-exempt organization under the provisions of IRC 501(c)(3). Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Since most administrative costs of the Fund are paid by NEA-NH, nearly 100% of your donations reach our students in need. Click here to print a donor form.


You make it happen

The grant money the Fund uses comes from donations from people like you, and from fundraising events such as the annual Golf Tournament and Prize Calendar.  The Children's Fund  awarded more than 80 grants last year, and the need remains high.  Would you please consider making a donation to change a student’s life?



To make a request for a grant, applicants need to fill out a simple application. There are a couple guidelines to follow: (1) the request must come from a professional (not a parent) who works with the child: and (2) the child must be eligible for free/reduced lunch and be eligible for Healthy Kids (Silver or Gold). All requests are handled in confidence and in a timely manner. Click here to download an application. If you have questions, please email Nancy Bricchi at or call her at (603) 224-7751 ext. 350 to request an application.



NHFTL is looking for conscientious people who would give us a few hours each month to join our fundraiser committee or work on our golf committee. PLEASE HELP! by emailing Nancy at with ideas and/or to volunteer for a committee!



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